Le nouveau manager de Western Union au Nigéria !

Arnaques sur Internet 20 février 2013 0

Gros lol de la semaine !

Nos escrocs du web n’ont plus peur du ridicule !

Voilà qu’ils se présentent ouvertement avec leur vrai nom, en tant que directeur de Western Union chez eux au Nigéria !

Ils nous prennent vraiment pour des truffes !

Quand cela cessera-t-il ?

Prévenez un maximum de gens autour de vous à propos de ces pratiques. Au cours de diners, à la pause café avec les collègues, etc…

Parlez-leur de notre site, et des autres qui luttent contre ces pratiques.

Il faut communiquer au maximum pour éradiquer ce mal !


Financial Minister of Federal Republic of NIGERIA,

Foreign Contractor Payment Office,

The New Manager of Western Union   www.western-union.section1@hotmail.fr


Attention beneficiary


Please we are very sorry for all the problem that you have passed through because of this your belong payment of which you failed till now, first of all, I want to introduce my self to you, my name is Mrs Uche Ejimofor, I am the new elected director General of western union Office Nigeria I have been chosen last week. I am writing this mail with deep sorrow, I saw your name on our file yesterday through my searching as the one of the most beneficiary which you did not receive your fund valued $1,000.000, 00 United State Dollars which supposes to be transferring at the rate of $5,000.00 per day during former manager regime.


The reason I am emailing you today is to inform you that the former western union manager Has been sacked out since on Monday last week due to his illegal work and ungodly act, I am here to inform you that the only thing that will lead you to receive your fund is by trusting me and follow my direction. You have sent a lot of money to him in order to get your fund which fails. Therefore I am here to tell you that the reason you did not receive your fund is because you did not follow the direct way to get your fund but to extorting money from you in various quarters. Due to the former manager’s attitude we therefore resolve to sacked him out since he didn’t keep our instruction,


So now we have arranged to pay you because all our investigated confirmed that you are the right person to receive this fund, note we have two option to pay you and you are the one to make your choice (1) 0ur western union gold card which you will withdraw daily $4000.00 option (2) receive daily cash $5,000.00 till the total payment completed. There is one certificate called (fund release order certificates) which you suppose to obtain from federal high court services which will noticed that you are not a Nigeria citizen but you did not have it and that is only what you needed now.


According to the instruction passed to this western union Department from the Office of the (Federal High Court Services) this will duly guarantee and cover the money as being legitimately acquired from the Nigera Government. So I want you to know that your fund of $1,000.000, 00 United State Dollars is still with the Federal Government account but it will be release immediately to this western union Office as soon as you obtain the (Fund Release Order Certificate)


According to our messenger which went to the Federal High Court Services Office Nigera for the release order certificates he told us that it will cost you the sum of $89.00 only for the obtain of it, so he told us that they will issue it within one day if the fee will be paid. So reconfirm us your full address with the option either you want it gold card or daily per ok, I will be awaiting to hear from you immediately with the payment information to obtain the fund release order certificates,


1. Receiver Name: ======= RAPHAEL OGUGUA

2. City: ===============LAGOS

3. Country: ==========NIGERIA.

4. Question=============you

5. Answer: =============yes

6. Amount: =============$89.00

7. MTCN# =============


I am here giving your guarantee and also 100 % percent assurance that this is the only money you will pay and after you pay it you will receive your fund immediately. I will be waiting right to have the payment information in order to enable us obtain this needed certificate soon.


Mrs. Uche Ejimofor,

Email (www.western-union.section1@hotmail.fr)

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